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In behalf of the markets we operate and to receive the most varied products with different purposes, our lids with their respective packaging, are submitted to laboratory tests, laboratory set up by Soroplast in our premises, aiming at the certification / homologation for the transport of products classified as hazardous to land, air and sea modals, in compliance with the laws of the INMETRO ( National Institute of Metrology , Quality and Tecnology), ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and the Brazilian Navy (DPC - Ports and Coast Directorate) : national authorities responsible for each modal of transport. Our laboratory has all the necessary resources to carry out pre-tests considering the whole set in real situations, that will later on be tested by another laboratory accredited and approved by the competent national authorities, according to the modal to be followed for certification/ homologation. The companies that need this certification /homologation to transport their products or to commercialize their packaging in the market, can take advantage of our structure throughout the development process at no additional cost.
With highly skillful professionals our laboratory has the mission to decisively guarantee the products, develop new items and publish the correct caps usability practices, applying technical and  normative criteria, for which we count on professionals who have full competence for this purpose.

The Soroplast Team